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How to get to the GoldenTime Saunaclub in Brüggen

Adress for navigation systems:

GoldenTime Saunaclub
S-Factory GmbH
Heidweg 1
41379 Brüggen - NRW - Deutschland


From Duesseldorf/Koeln/Aachen/Roemermond in the direction of Moenchengladback you can choose between two highways:

Take A61 in the direction of Venlo -> Exit at Kaldenkirchen-Sued/Bracht -> Take B221 in the direction of Bracht/Brueggen -> go straight through the traffic circle and before the town frontier of Brueggen at the right you will see the GoldenTime Saunaclub besides the Baustoffmarkt Oude Hengel.

Take A52 in the direction of Roermond -> Exit at Niederkruechten/Brueggen, #3, turn left at the exit -> Take B221 in the direction of Bracht/Brueggen at the fourth traffic light -> turn right and go about 1.1 kilometers through the village -> at the left side you will see the Baustroffmarkt Oude Hengel -> turn left at Heidweg and you will be at the GoldenTime Saunaclub.

Der Weg ist das Ziel zum GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub

Discreet parking

You can park comfortably in the parking lot in front of the GoldenTime Saunaclub, or in the parking lot of the DIY market "Oude Hengel" directly opposite the entrance to our parking lot.

Additionally, if the parking lot in front of our club is fully occupied, you have the possibility to use the nearby parking lot of the "Tier & Naturpark" and let us take you with our VIP Shuttle directly to our entrance. Or you use the discreet parking lot of the tennis club "Blau Weiß e.V." only approximatly 100 meters away from our club entrance.


VIP Shuttle

Our VIP shuttle departs every few minutes from the nearby parking lot of the "Tier & Naturpark" to the entrance of the GoldenTime Saunaclub.

So you can park your car discreetly and still reach us comfortably.


Train connection

You can reach the nearest railway station via the station "Kaldenkirchen" and from there by taxi (taxis are available at the station at any time), or by bus line 074 (direction Brüggen). The current timetable information is available at: www.die-bahn.de.
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