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Welcome to the most important news about the GoldenTime Saunaclub Here you can find out what new parties or events take place, and which delicacies the chef conjures up in the restaurant "Mon Amie".

Our next event in the GoldenTime Saunaclub

Stay up-to-date! In our hot news and on the event overview, you can always find out about the current and upcoming events.


The countdown clock for the FLUG-VERKEHR Party at 2020/03/28 is ticking!

DJ Alex im GoldenTime Saunaclub

Easter Special

Dear guests!

This Easter, we present you the next culinaric highlight. Our well-known and beloved Easter Brunch and BBQ.

10.04. - Easter Friday (Good Friday)
12.04. - Easter Sunday

13.04. - Easter Monday

Yours GoldenTime Saunaclub

Every Monday from 8.00 pm...

Dear guests!

Every Monday, starting from 8.00 pm we present you our Gambas Special "All you can eat!"


Yours GoldenTime Saunaclub

DJ Alex im GoldenTime Saunaclub
DJ Alex im GoldenTime Saunaclub

Burger Special - every saturday

Dear guests!

Every saturday we present you our latest Burger Special. Fresh made, directly from the charcoal grill onto you dinner plate, in different variations and creations!

Yours GoldenTime Saunaclub

Rump steak Special

Dear guests!

Every Tuesday, starting from 5.30 pm we present you our Rump Steak Special!


Yours GoldenTime Saunaclub

DJ Alex im GoldenTime Saunaclub

Lavazza - More than just taste

 - Now at the GoldenTime Saunaclub

Experience original Italian espresso and coffee enjoyment with Lavazza!

Italian coffee art enters the GoldenTime Saunaclub with original Lavazza coffee from an original italian coffee machine!

Come over and let us invite you to a cup of hot Lavazza coffee!

Your GoldenTime Saunaclub

Past events

A brief overview of our past events. Click the banners for galleries!

Halloween Party am 31.10.2016 im GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub, Brüggen
Havanna Summer Party am 30.07.2016 im GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub, Brüggen
Vatertag Special im GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub, Brüggen
Ostern im GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub, Brüggen
China New Year Party 2016 im GoldenTime FKK Saunaclub, Brüggen
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